The Raveonettes in issue 6 of UK magazine NO CIGAR.

Photography and words by: Carey Quinton Haider www.careyquintonhaider.com

Grand piano echo’s entertain the California air composing harmonies of
dread and despair as a pale frail figure sits behind keys battling
depression. Each glass of wine washing away hell and the struggle
within of writers block. Sunset Sound Studio in Hollywood, California
is the location of this romance. The Doors recorded here some fifty
years previous and today Sune Rose Wagner sits embalming a moment in
time leaving every imperfection as a scar of brilliance.
Sharin Foo, Sune’s band mate and long time friend is here to help in
the process and add the harmonizing layer that give it the soul that
Richard’s and Jone’s once shared. The beauty of this outcome shall
become The Raveonettes most compelling work to date Observator.
Flooding the record are dark sounds which steer the ship into the
familiar harbor that the band has perfected holding hands with a new
friend; the piano. The penmanship which embodies gives recognition to
death of all things beautiful and put’s the listener six feet under in
the deep dark hole that Sune sat in weeks previously on the shores of
Venice Beach hopeless and sinking with the sun. With writers block
and inspiration feeling like an ex lover Sune began to find refuge in
a numbing sinking ship of Benzodiazepine among other substances.
Leaving the beach for the lights of Hollywood to start tracking an
album would become the guiding light that would pull Sune out of
defeat. With Sharin’s help they found hope in the last resort of
Spontaneity. The organic affair built on purple hearts blossomed into
nine completed songs which were composed in a few weeks time; the
fastest recording the band has made to date. Observator truly is a
rose from the concrete.

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